Energi Danmark is a market leader within the trading of electricity in Denmark and is also an active participant in the markets for oil and gas products.

We sell electricity to customers within business and public sector institutions and buy electricity from the decentralised CHP plants.

Our customers have access to a broad range of products within energy trading, with the possibility of tailoring the optimal solution for each customer. This can happen both through energy trading here and now or by trading financial electricity contracts where it is possible to hedge future consumption or production. As an Energi Danmark customer you will have access to My Energy, where you will find a number of efficient tools allowing you to manage your company's electricity consumption and energy trading.

1/6 Electricity Consumer
2/6 One Stop Shop
3/6 Online - price and risk estimation tool
4/6 Portfolio Management
5/6 PBA Software
6/6 Natural gas

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We handle the forces of nature Energy to business comsumers